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It was very difficult and heart breaking for me to not to continue with the blog. I loved to share my views and my experiences here. However, a good news :), I’ve started to write again on smaller bits and my friend Clara told me to write about parenting on my site and contribute on beauty stuff on her site. She showed me a sample of small article on false eyelashes here and I loved it.

I think I am going to be writing more in 2018.

Love. Peace. Harmony.

E200In order to make sure that the electric scooter of the kids keeps running smoothly, parents need to take care of a couple of things. There are some basic tips that help in keeping the kids safe while they ride the scooters without any glitches. Regular maintenance of the kids’ scooter helps increase its span of life. All those who are not very comfortable taking care of the scooter, can always take the help of a local mechanic on a regular basis. It is very necessary to maintain the kids’ electric scooter on a professional level.Requirement of Basic tool setThe person will require a set of basic tools for maintaining the electric scooter. Most of the electric scooters comprise nuts and bolts in standard sizes. This way, it becomes easy for the parents or caretakers to maintain the electric scooters. One will require standard key set and spanner that can be adjusted according to the requirements. In order to prevent any kind of breakages while the kids ride their scooters, it becomes crucial that the folding mechanism of the same is clamped up the right way. It should be tight enough to use the scooter easily. All these things make sure that the users minimize different points of stress on the scooter. Ultimately, it allows them to keep it in good state for lifetime.

Periodic check-up of the parts

With time, different parts of the electric scooter start getting worked up. If this is the first scooter of the kids, they might have used it roughly to learn how to ride it. Hence, the caretakers should supervise every part of the electric scooter and ensure that it is in good working condition. The screws need to be tightened up regularly to prevent them getting lose during the ride. This might result in dangerous accidents if overlooked. Checking all the bolts on a periodic basis is the basic requirement of the maintenance.

The right way to tighten screws

Nothing should be over the limits. At times, caretakers tighten the screws more than required. This stiffens the electric scooter and might result in breakage or stoppage of the same. Hence, those who are not aware of the right time to stop tightening should take the help of a professional. When an electric scooter passes over rough surfaces on the scooter, the vibrations loosen the bolts over time. These bolts are the reason that the scooter is held together tightly. All the bolts should be checked to know they are done up firmly.

Frequency of maintaining scooter

Electric scooters should be supervised on a regular basis. It is advisable that all the parts are checked every month. The bolts should be tightened. The scooter should be washed and oiling of the parts should be done at least every month. This not only makes sure that the kid enjoys a safe and smooth ride on the electric scooter, but it helps increase the lifespan of the same.


Electric scooter is a thing of joy forever for the kid. If you are looking for some of the top electric scooters for children, do make sure to visit kidsforking.org to get genuine reviews of the top models available in the market. When kids grow up, they at times use their scooters to run into neighborhood to complete daily chores. Hence, electric scooters should be maintained regularly and it is very essential for parents to know about the maintenance process and the tools needed so that they can fix everything at home itself.

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