• Amazing House Moving and Packing Hacks

    Amazing House Moving and Packing Hacks

    Are you planning to move out of your old home to a new one? A set of questions then arises in the mind about the entire moving and packing process. One of the most basic and first questions about moving is, “When exactly to start packing?”. In this blog post, we will deal with questions like these and try to make your move easy and soothing.

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    What’s The First Thing To Do While Packing Your House?

    Declutter is the answer. This is the time you always wanted to happen. You going around with all of your old stuff and taking several hits of happy nostalgia. This is the time you need to decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be given away.

    Wash Certain Important Things Before Packing: Always wash your curtains before packing them. They collect a lot of dust over time so, washing them is highly recommended by www.matcocalgarymovers.com. This way, you will have clean and fresh curtains for your new home on the very first day. Also, wash bedsheets, pillow cases and any of the towels that you use in the bathrooms like hand towels and body towels.

    How To Gather Supplies for The Move?

    Always overestimate what you are going to need in the process. This is suggested in order to avoid last minute supermarket trip. Always get more boxes that you think you’d end up using.

    Pro tip: Buy more ‘medium’ sized boxes and less ‘small’ sized boxes. Medium sized boxes will make your packing and unpacking process easier. If you have more ‘large’ sized boxes, the transportation could create issues.

    How To Pack Fragile Dinner Sets and Kitchen Glasswares Properly?

    Kitchen items are hard to pack. There are just so many of them. Spoons, cups, glasses, dinner sets, jugs, forks, small bowls, big bowls, microwave, refrigerator, and whatnot?

    Leaving the bigger things aside, you can easily pack the kitchen items using bubble wraps. Bubble wraps are available online, you can get them delivered within a day.

    However, if there are a lot of dishes, bubble wraps will only eat up the majority of the packing space inside the boxes. You can use painters paper in place of bubble wraps in this case. They are cheap and easily available. You can also use clothing items or, kitchen towels to wrap the fragile dishes inside the boxes.

    How To Not Get Distracted While Packing Up?

    The human mind is notorious and sometimes, lazy. We don’t want to work on a particular thing for more than 5 minutes. That’s a fact. However, we can condition our mind to concentrate on a given specific task. How do we do it? By just doing it for 10 minutes without stopping. If you are packing your bathroom and getting bored by it, just do it for 10 minutes and you’ll notice that things have taken up their pace. If packing your kitchen is giving you are a hard time, just start with 10 minutes in mind. This really works like charm. You’ll end up completing all of your goals in you follow this rule.

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