5 Best Tips for Good Parenting

parentingWe all know that children are special and each child needs to be treated in an equally special way. We, as parents, are responsible for our child’s behavior in the society as well as towards the society. It is our responsibility to provide proper grooming to our children so that we can proudly say that “Yes, he/she is my child and I m very proud of him/her”. Parenting cannot be defined in a sentence as its definition is very vast. It is not a standard term which can be applied on all children; rather, its definition varies from child to child as every child is different and needs to be handled distinctly. We need to consider the following things while dealing with children:

1. Every child is prerogative: Parents should consider their child as a privilege, a gift given to them by god. Every child born is a beginning of new life in this world and a moment of joy for the entire family. The child SHOULD NOT be considered as an investment or be treated as a liability; rather he should be accepted as a god’s gift to the parents.

2. Love your children unconditionally: Just like you would want your parents to be with you forever, your children would also look for love from your side especially when in their young age. It’s time to repay your parents love to your children. Love your children and care for them too. Get them things which make them happy, not always though. Love is an equal and opposite reaction, the more you love your children, the more will they love you. Always try and create a jovial and an affectionate environment around them.

3. A healthy and a friendly relationship: Try your best to maintain a friendly relationship with your children throughout your life. A child may be shy in sharing his thoughts with his parents but will never hide anything from his pals. So if you maintain an image of a friend instead of a strict parent, your child will never hide any of his feeling from you and his life would become an open book in front of you. It would also be easier for you to guide him during his ups and downs in life with the help of your own experiences. You should always listen to the child first and never jump to conclusions immediately. Always keep in mind the difference between your age and the maturity of his mind. The child will not be able to think like a parent but it is the duty of a parent to think from a child’s mentality. Do remember the time when you were at their age and the decision you would have taken being in that particular situation.

4. Bring back the child in you: Remember all those things which you used to do when you were small. Sit back and enjoy those special moments as your child will bring back those sweet memories into your life. You may also want to join him in his notorious acts and behave like a child most of the times. Don’t feel shy to do all this as god has sent this special gift to you as he wants you to become happy and live your childhood again. Play, laugh, crawl, shout, jump and do all sorts of notorious things along with your child to keep alive the child in you. You are definitely going to enjoy this wonderful experience.

5. Child safety is really important: Parents should always consider child safety as one of the priorities in their lives. While indoor while safety can be taken into account with buying things like baby monitors, small barricades for stairs and switch covers etc., the outdoor safety products can be a convertible car seat, a stroller and a shield from the sun etc. Taking child safety as a priority will ensure that the child is safe at all the times and hence lives a healthy life always.