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    3 Reasons Why SMBs need To Incorporate SEO Into Their Digital Marketing Strategy

    Search engine optimization (SEO) can be best described as being the process of altering over 200 onsite and offsite factors to increase a website’s ranking within the search index. The importance of SEO in today’s world cannot be overstated. Statistics indicate that less than 17% of searchers, ever go beyond the 1st page. Data also shows that the top 3 websites within a search result usually get over 70% of all visits from a given search. Therefore, it’s important that small-to-midsize businesses (SMB) incorporate SEO into their digital marketing strategy. For additional digital marketing and SEO resources, click here. In today’s post we take a close look at the benefits SMBs stand to gain.

    1. Organic Traffic

    All web traffic is not the same. It’s a known fact that organic traffic is much more valuable than social media or pop up traffic for instance. Many experts also agree that organic traffic is more valuable than paid traffic. The reason why is because organic traffic is targeted. When a user inserts a query in the search engine, they usually have a very specific intent. And, if your website provides them with the solution to their inquiry, there’s a high chance that they will become a new subscriber, follower or customer.

    2. Higher Conversion Rates

    Search engine optimized websites feature content that is easy to consume, loads faster and will display property across multiple devices including tablets and mobile. Page load speed is incredibly important because data shows that 33% of all visitors will leave a site if it doesn’t load in less than 3.5 seconds. An SEO expert will essentially work to make your website look more valuable in the eyes of a search engine, by improving multiple aspects of your site such as your page load speed. This all helps to provide a better user experience, which helps to increase your conversion rates.

    3. Brand Awareness

    In today’s world, brand awareness can mean the difference between making a new customer or driving visitors away. Search engine optimization provides you with a cost effective solution to increase brand awareness. Once a site attains higher ranks within the search results, they gain more brand awareness. And, statistics show that when sites appear with the top results of the search page, they are trusted a lot more than pages that are located at the bottom of a search result. Overtime, visitors will start to trust your brand. It’s also a known fact that today’s consumers prefer and trust brands who have a strong online presence.

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    7 Major Types of Moving Services


    id you know that movers offer a vast number of moving services? No matter where you need to re-locate or what you need to move, you can find a service that can get the job done. here is a look at the seven major moving services available.

    1. Local moving

    When you are looking to move across town, you will want to rely on a local moving company that can quickly get your stuff to your new location within a day. Top local movers will have the know-how to find the fastest route to your new location and safety get your items to that location.

    2. Long-distance moving

    When you are looking to move across the country, you will want to find a top moving company that has the fleet that can get your relocation done on time. One of the biggest complaints from long-distance movers are delays in shipment arrivals. Be sure to check online reviews to see which long-distance movers are the most reliable. Visit the Hudson Movers website for additional information and more online resources.

    3. International moving

    International moves can be complicated by rules and regulations from the exit country and the entry country. Therefore, it is important to find a moving company that understands how to safely take your possessions across borders. Be sure to hire an international moving company who has experience shipping to your new country.

    4. Commercial moving

    Commercial moving companies will have experience moving office equipment, office furniture and dealing with moving items into and out of commercial buildings. A top commercial mover should have the know-how to get your commercial move done on time and on budget.

    5. Residential moving

    You are entrusting a moving company with your most valued and most expensive possessions. Therefore, you will want to rely on professionals that know how to get the job done right. If you are moving specialty items like a piano or vehicle, make sure that they have the right equipment to handle the job.

    6. Full moving services

    Most moving companies offer full-moving services that include packing, moving and unpacking items. This can be especially useful if you are on a schedule or if you need to move in a hurry.

    7. Partial moving services

    If you are willing to pack and unpack your own items, then you can rely on a partial moving company. These companies will often be less expensive and ideal for those on a budget.

    While there are a number of moving services available, it is recommended that you hire a company that specializes in your specific move. For instance, if you are moving internationally, then you will want to find a specialist in international moves. By finding the right moving company, your relocation to be completed without worries.

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    Top 4 Common Areas of Business Law

    Whether you have been a business owner for years or are aspiring to own your own company, legal issues or questions will inevitably arise. There are numerous, if not thousands, of laws dictating how to operate a business. Whether it is a Mom and Pop storefront or a large corporation, it is important to understand the various types of business law. Here are the 4 most common practice areas of business law.

    1. Tax Law

    From the moment a business is created, tax law becomes an important issue. From formation to income or revenue, it is important to file the proper tax forms with state and/or federal tax agencies. Even unintentional business tax errors can cause business owners costly problems. Even if a business is not facing negative tax issues, a business lawyer may be helpful. The correct attorney can also ensure a business is not overpaying taxes and can work in conjunction with a business’ CPA or accountant.

    2. Contract and Litigation Law

    Contract and litigation law is often what comes to mind when people think of business law. Contracts and litigation are often closely intertwined with one another. In addition, both of these areas of business law can branch out to extremely specific subcategories depending upon the complexity of the scenario.

    However, in general, contract law can be attributed to the formation of legally binding agreements and the execution (or carrying out) of those agreements.

    Litigation often comes into play when a dispute arises between two parties. Litigation is often costly, time consuming, and stressful for many business owners. Litigation or time spent in the courtroom is definitely an area of business law that requires the help of an experienced professional. A good place to learn more information is at the Hoffer Adler website.

    3. Employment Law

    Employees are often the backbone of a company. Employment and labor law is crucial for business owners to understand, no matter the number of employees. Topics such as health insurance guidelines, work conditions, fair pay and hiring practices all come into consideration under employment and labor laws.

    4. Bankruptcy Law

    Unfortunately, not all businesses are successful. Whether it is a result of economic conditions or poor management, a business may be forced to file bankruptcy. A reputable business lawyer will understand how to successfully navigate the bankruptcy process, file the proper type of bankruptcy, and attempt to “save” as many of the business’ assets as possible.

    Whether your business is small or large, business law is an important topic for many entrepreneurs. Although these are perhaps the most common types of business law, there are hundreds of more subtypes of this area of law.