Know More About Convertible Car Seats

Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car SeatA convertible car seat is a seat that is usually fitted in a car and it is used for infants and toddlers. The seat is usually fitted in the rear part of the car. Convertible car seat can be usually of two types- Infant and toddler seat. Infant convertible seats are usually designed to face the rear part of the car. On the other hand, convertible seats for toddlers face the front of the car.

To ensure that the baby is completely secure, you should look for the best convertible car seat within your budget. These seats come with a 5-point harness. This feature allows parents to fit their babies in position. As a matter of fact, you can travel with your baby with a complete guarantee for safety.

It is important to note that convertible seats are selected with regard to the nature of the car seat. This means that you should not just buy any convertible seat with a perception that it will fit in your car. Note that some cars have large seats while others have small. In this regard, you must first consider the nature of the seat to ensure that you do not face inconveniences during installation.

Convertible car seats come with two separate belt paths. One of the belt paths is used when the seat is facing the rear part of the car while the other is used when the seat is facing forward. The paths allow car seat belts to hold the convertible seat in position.

It is important to understand that different convertible seats vary in terms of weight limits. There are seats designed to carry heavy babies while others are meant for light ones. In most cases, rear facing convertible seats carries up to 30 pounds while those that face forward have the capacity to hold up to 40 pounds. However, there are other sturdier forward-facing convertible seats which can hold up to 80 pounds. Your choice should squarely depend on the size of your baby.

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