How to Teach Your Kids?

Kids being the most innocent souls on this planet follow and apply things which they see and learn. So if you make them learn certain good things, they will apply the same throughout their life. At the same time we also need to be aware of things which we would not want them to learn, be it from their parents or from the society. We will have a look at various things which kids learn from the society at different age groups.

For young kids aged between 3 to 6 years

Children at this age group generally enter the kindergarten or playschools. This is the first time in their life that they are going to be left in the company of strangers, entirely for a certain period of time. This is the time when they get to interact with kids of similar age groups and make the first friends of their life. Kids at this age are not only taught about good and bad habits, but are also taught about various ways on how to behave in the society. They are also made to perform minor physical and mental activities in order to help them develop their physical and mental abilities. Children at this age are also taught about the Do’s and Don’ts of the society as well as the basic etiquettes and behavior.

If your child is going to a playschool, you should ask him/her about the various activities he/she performed at the playschool. You should ask your child about the friends he/she made today at the playschool or what all things did the teacher discuss with them. Keeping a friendly relationship with children from an early age will help you in knowing the child’s mentality and behavior at a later stage. Also, developing this habit of sharing things with each other will develop a sense of security and companionship between the parents and children.

The children must also be taught about potty training, if not already done so, because it is one of the most essential ways to keep a good hygiene and also helps to reduce the embarrassing moments of parents while they are out with their kids.

For kids aged between 7 to 10 years

Kids at this age are generally in regular schools and out of their kindergartens. They are now in the territory of more discipline and punctuality unlike their playschools. They gradually understand that they are also surrounded by children from the opposite sex. This is the age when they tend to laugh upon petty things like underpants, love, kiss, who likes who and stuff like that. They might tend to hide such things from you but being an understanding and educated parent, you should not give much importance to such topics or try to humiliate children over such petty issues. For instance, if your child tells you something about a girl who sits next to her in the class and you start teasing him by her name every time, he might feel offended and would gradually stop telling you other stories which happen in the class. You might not want this to happen so just be patient, relax and listen to his daily gossip about what happened today at the school without reacting much. Don’t be judgmental without listening to the complete story; don’t act immediately even if the child has done something wrong at school, try to understand things by putting your feet in his shoes and realize the fact that unlike your mind, his mind is not mature enough. Think about the solution which you would have done, had you been at his age. At last, make him understand about any mistake that he might have committed and forgive him for the same with a warning such that the child does not commit the same mistake in future.