Top 10 baby registry items

11It is indeed one of the most blessed stages of life, when a person becomes a parent. The feeling of holding a new life in the arms just cannot be described in mere words. Every parent desires to give the baby a warm and safe welcome into this world. Surely there are various baby registry items that one will love to include in the kitty for the baby. Going by the records, following are the top ten baby registry items that must be covered before the arrival of the newborn.

Baby carriers

Baby carriers or wraps are quite handy when the mother needs to be present at different places. Ergo and Baby Bjorn are few of the popular brands that offer ergonomically designed baby wraps and carriers which keep the baby comfortable and seemingly close to the mother when she is on the go. If you are looking for the best carrier for infant boys and girls, do checkout which features reviews of various types of infant carriers which are available in the market today.


There are disposable as well as cloth diapers that are available for the newborns. If the cloth diapers are chosen, then one might also have to include diaper inserts and waterproof covers so that the diapers could be washed for reuse. These may be required until the baby is big enough to be potty trained. Along with these, one can also include wipes and diaper creams.

Infant Sleepers & Crib

Most of the moms-to-be ensure that a crib is in place where the baby could sleep properly. This crib is made big enough so that the baby is comfortable with high fencing to keep the baby from falling outside. One can also choose to include infant sleepers to stay close to the baby.


In the initial stage, an infant car seat carrier may be necessary to buy. This should be lightweight and easy to carry at all the places. Gradually when the baby outgrows the smaller carrier, one may need a bigger stroller. One can also choose a double sided stroller with more siblings. Even a jogging stroller is available in the market to meet the needs of the parents who wish to keep the baby close even while they are following their workout regime.

Car seat

While driving (after the delivery of the baby), it should be seen that the car includes a seat specially dedicated to the infant such as the convertible car seat. The convertible ones are usually designed to be rear facing infant seats which can be later converted into front facing seats for the toddler. These seats ensure higher safety when moving in a car with the baby.


This is a nursing pillow usually used to get assistance during breast-feeding the baby. However it has more uses than this. It also doubles up as a protecting cover for the infant and props up when the baby begins to sit. Boppy is quite a helpful item that every new mother is recommended to use.

Gas aid for babies

Since most of the newborns face the problem of digestion, it becomes necessary to seek pediatric advice. Leading pediatricians suggest use of gas aids that can help the baby digest food properly. After seeking appropriate consultation from the doctors, mothers can also use simethicone or gripe water to reduce formation of gas in the body of the baby.

Support for Feeding

For the purpose of feeding the newborn, a mother can use breast pumps that facilitate breast feeding. A great variety of pumps are available in the market. However it is advised to buy those which are safe and comfortable to use. Few months down the line the baby may be required to get acquainted with the feeder or bottle. A variety of bottles from four to eight ounces are available to choose from.

Baby bouncer

Often when the baby gets cranky, a baby swing or baby bouncer is what might help in pacifying the baby.

Baby Clothes

Few factors that parents need to keep in mind before buying clothes for their doting children include the season and size of the baby. Baby clothes differ in sizes with the change in every brand. Hence it is important to pick the right one. For the season of summer, simple, cotton and bright colored clothes are recommended. Contrary to this for the season of winter, warm pajamas and sleeper sacks for the baby.


The baby registry list can include even more items. However these are few of the most common ones included before the arrival of the baby. No matter what item a parent chooses, it is important he or she considers the factors of safety, lifestyle, comfort and cost of the items.